Daniel Ballerini


Undergraduate degree:  Bachelor degree in Finance, Rutgers Magna Cum Laude

Graduate degree:  MBA; Dual concentration Finance and Management, Rutgers Cum Laude

Real Estate Background:

Daniel Ballerini is a Real Estate Investor in NJ, specializing in residential single-family homes and small apartment buildings he holds as rentals.  He is the owner of First Station Real Estate, LLC.

From 2012 to 2017, Dan Ballerini has accumulated a real estate portfolio of 73 Properties, for a combined 88 rental units.  He specialized in REO foreclosures in good neighborhoods that require an initial renovation.  After completing the repairs, Mr. Ballerini holds the properties as long term rentals.

Daniel Ballerini is proud to develop dilapidating structures, some being vacant for years prior, and provide housing for hard working families in his community.

“I am proud of the work that I do.  Neighbors often express their appreciation after we fix up the vacant house on their street.  Tenants often tell me they never imagined being able to afford to live in such a nice home.  I am thankful and grateful to be able to do what I do every day.”

Dan Ballerini plans to continue to grow his real estate business as long as he sees the opportunity.

“After the mortgage crisis from 2007-2010, there was a lot of distressed REO property available at extremely discounted pricing in my area.  The banks had constricted their lending, it was extremely difficult to finance a property that needed work, and no one had the liquid cash or the desire to purchase these fixer-uppers, which drove the price down even further.  It was not uncommon to see a property for sale for 1/3 of the price it sold for 5 years ago.  I was fortunate enough to have the savings, the knowledge, the confidence, and the business plan at the exact right moment to be able to take advantage of this opportunity… and I would never have been able to get it off the ground without the right people around me.  It takes the right team of Lenders, Contractors, Title Company, Accountant, Insurance broker, Tenant screening service, etc.”

Daniel Ballerini has short term goals of 100 rental units and $10 million in property asset value by 2018.

“Once the correct systems are in place, I believe real estate is the best vehicle available to create long term wealth.  It takes discipline, foresight, desire, and hard work, but I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made so far, and I look forward to continued growth in the future.”

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Daniel Ballerini graduated Cum Laude from Rutgers with a MBA in Finance and Management.  His current passion is investing in real estate. Ballerini specializes in residential single-family homes and small apartment buildings in New Jersey. He enjoys providing housing to hard-working families and has accumulated 73 properties, for a combined 88 rental units, in his portfolio from 2012-2017. He describes his business model as buying distressed real estate-owned (REO) properties, completing significant renovations, and then renting the properties to residential tenants in his community. Most of his residents are surprised to be able to afford such nice homes within their budget.  As the founder of First Station Real Estate, Ballerini looks forward to showing perspective families his newly renovated properties. He takes pride in experiencing the excitement of his tenants acquiring their first homes and appreciates the gratitude of neighbors after he restores vacant properties on their street.

Ballerini plans to continue growing his real estate business. He has a short-term goal of 100 rental units and $10 million in property asset value by 2018. He believes that through discipline, foresight, desire, and hard work, real estate provides the best vehicle to create long-term wealth. Ballerini is proud of his accomplishments thus far and looks forward to the future growth of First Station Real Estate.

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